Jun 20, 2012

"Thank you" letter!

Hey ladies,

today I opened my mail and found a very nice "Thank you" letter from Suzanne. Read what she said below:

"Hi Stephanie,
I'm writing to you, because I have to share my story with you. Alright, here I go :)

I was quite (a lot) overweight and I needed to lose weight fast. I've tried so many diet programs and failed so many times... It was really depressing. Mostly I ended up quitting, because I didn't feel good at all on these programs.

However, since I've stumbled on your page, everything has changed. I read every post, you kept me motivated and pointed me to the right direction. These days, there are so many gimmick products, that only promise false results, but thanks to you and to the thinspiration book you recommended, I've finally succeeded in losing weight. Finally there was an easy and healthy solution for me and I didn't yo-yo the weight back! Once again, thank you so much!! I just feel so much better nowadays and I felt like thanking you, because you are the best. 

PS: I attached my before and after photos as well :)

With love,

Suzanne, I'm so glad I could help you! This really made my day 10x better and I decided to share your success here on my page. I hope you don't min :)


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