May 28, 2012

Burn the fat with Thinspiration workout!

Hello ladies! I've decided to share nice Thinspiration workout with you, which will help you burn a lot of calories and shed away all the fat. So if you have access to the gym, do not hesitate a second and let's do this!

A little introduction to the routine. We want to keep it simple and focus on compound movements, with short breaks between reps. This is a Full Body Routine, that should be done three times a week.

  1. Squats
  2. Bench Press
  3. Deadlifts
  4. Power Clean
  5. Barbell Rows
  6. Chin-ups / Pull-ups*

Pick up a weight that you can comfortably do for 12-15 reps and 3 sets. Rest 60-90 seconds between sets and 3-5 minutes between exercises. This whole routine should take you 45-60 minutes max. When you can manage 3x15, add 5 lbs and go back to 3x12 and work your way back to 3x15.

*Go for 3x6-8 here and if you are unable to do a single Chin-up/Pull-up, no problem. Some gyms have machines for assisted pull-ups or you can do negatives - jump up and slowly lower yourself. When you lose weight, you will be able to do few pull ups! :)

Do not be afraid of lifting heavier weights!

For more workout routines and tips, make sure to check out the official Pro-Thinspiration site here.


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