May 21, 2012

Pro Thinspiration FREE Bonuses

Hey guys,
couple of posts ago I was talking about the Pro-thinspiration Diet, but I forgot to mention all the bonuses you'll get with that for free! My bad, so here you go:

First of all, exclusive diet Plan that will allow you to use weight without feeling weakness and help you maintain your health.

Next one is recipe book with 24 amazing, low calories salads! Some of these salads have only 75 calories and are very filling!

Third and in my opinion the greatest bonus is Thinspiration Weight Loss Oracle Software. With this software you will be able to:
  • Calculate exactly how many days it will take you to reach your goal.
  • Calculate how many calories can you eat per day.
  • Determine the best exercises just for you.
  • Know exactly how many calories you can eat to arrive at the big event at the perfect weight.
Bonus number four is Home Detox Guide. Benefits of this guide are:
  • Improve your Immune Function
  • Strengthen your body against cancer, help produce healthy cells in your body!
  • Help you fight with your addictions for sugar, salt, high glycemic carbohydrates, alcohol, junk foods and nicotine.
And the last one Essential Book of Inspirational Song Titles. I found this one quite funny, but this music is really great while I workout at home. Very motivational :)

All these bonuses are worth 257$, but they give you them with the 2012 Pro-Thinspiration Diet for free! That's a real bargain for only 37$, if you ask me. Visit the official page here.


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