May 30, 2012

Eat healthier, feel happier!

According to the latest researches, majority of Americans consume way too many calories without enough nutrients, which leads to several dangerous diseases.

The typical American diet is low in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and unprocessed foods in general. On the other hand, high in sugar, salt and saturated fats. This leads to increased obesity and risk for diseases such as: 
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Cancers
  • Bowel problems

I know that this kind of eating is a habit, generated over the last few generations and that most of you don’t have time to eat healthy, but think about it. Is it really worth it? It won’t take much longer to make the right decision, if you plan ahead.

If you really want, seek help at professional dietitians, but be prepared – these guys charge way too much for their services. There are quite a few information around the Internet, which you can get for just a few bucks, rather than spending hundreds for professional dietitians.

Change your eating habits

Countless of people are generally used to consuming a specific way and  under no circumstances think about what exactly they are  in fact adding right into their own systems. For instance, a lot of people frequently consume six to eight cans or even more of regular soft drink every single day, however when they find out there are about ten teaspoons of sugar in just one can, they are shocked. Begin simply by gradually modifying your lifestyle. You have to start reducing to about three cans a day and then lower it every one or two weeks until you eventually replace the soda with healthier alternatives such as water or unsweetened tea.

Another way to change your habit is by starting to eat a breakfast, because many people skip their breakfast and then they eat a lot of food during the day and before bed.

Seek the balance, make better choice

Another reason for unhealthy eating is that people are only eating the things they enjoy the most. Hamburgers, ice-creams, cookies, pop-tarts and other unhealthy stuff. You should look for balance and eat vegetables, whole grains, legumes, meat. Try to eat everything, use common sense.

Most of the dietitians suggest looking at the food labels, and they are right. You should try to understand the food you eat and once you start to understand them, it will be way easier for you to make smarter choices and enjoy the food even more.

Remember, knowledge is power.


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