May 18, 2012

Don't waste your money on fat burners!

For the love of god folks, stop wasting money on Fat Burners! Do you really believe that all it takes to lose weight is to take a magic pill and that's it? Do you really think that all it takes are two pills a day and then you can sit on your couch, eat chips and somehow magically lose weight? C'mon, be honest with yourself.

The main key to lose weight is NUTRITION. You don't even have to exercise, if you don't want to. And as long as you eat a little under your TDEE*, you will lose weight. Notice I said a little, because a lot of people are overdoing it, starving themselves and eating way too little. And your body does not like that. Your body will fight against such a behavior. You should aim for max 500 calories deficit. No more!

Now few weight losing tips:
  • Quit drinking sweet beverages. They are packed with calories and they won't fill you up. When you are thirsty, drink water!
  • Drink more water. More water will fill your stomach and it will help you feeling full.
  • Eat more vegetables. Low calories, high fiber, keeps you full!
  • Do NOT avoid fat. Fat is important. Many people make the mistake and they avoid fat at any cost. No!
  • Exercise. Exercising will increase your TDEE. The key is to make it fun. It doesn't necessarily need to be working out in the gym. Take a walk with your dog, play tennis or squash with your friends... 

*TDEE is the amount of calories that you burn per day with all physical activities included.


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